The Open speaking club "Day2day Russian"
Within the framework of the DigitalUni Russian Club

"Day2day Russian" project is a free opportunity for international students and applicants to raise their level of proficiency in Russian in the company of like-minded people and with the help of teachers from leading Russian universities
The project is implemented as a grant from the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation
DigitalUni Russian Club is a digital club and educational platform that unites professionals in teaching Russian language and culture and those who are interested in the Russian language and education in Russia.

The project's goal is to make Russian language learning more accessible for foreigners and to tell as many people as possible from all over the world about rich and interesting Russian culture.

The open speaking club "Day2day Russian" will help you feel like a part of the big world of Russian language and culture!
Number of lessons:
Duration of the lesson
60 minutes
DigitalUni Russian Club platform
Digital club and educational platform
Proficiency test
Participation is free!
"Day2Day Russian" speaking club's topics
for two levels of Russian language proficiency
А2 topics
1. Russia that you didn't know
2. Cultural activities vs active leisure
3. Virtual tour around Russian cities
4. Virtual life vs real life
5. If I were…
B1 topics
1. Russia that you dodn't know
2. Let's talk about cinema
3. Virtual life vs real life
4. What specialty to choose?
5. Where can I study and work in Russia?
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